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One of the most

important indices in the

early detection of

pathologies is a CRT test

CRT indicates inflammatory processes in a

person’s body and allows long-term (up to

25 years ahead) predicting of different heart

conditions (due to atherosclerosis), oncologi-

cal diseases, neurodegenerative diseases and

much more. The inflammatory processes test

includes urinal and blood testing and is done exclusively within the range of services of the Ichilov Institute in Tel-Aviv under the supervision of Professor Shlomo Berliner – the country leading research scientist in this area. 


The Institute Research team of the regular Check-ups is a filial branch

of Ichilov Hospital Centre, which has been recognized as one of the

most prominent hospitals in the world. Ichilov Hospital Centre has been offering services for the leading companies and the personnel of various state institutions for over 35 years. The medical stuff are supervised by  Isaak Shapir, vice-president of the hospital. The medical team consists

of the top specialists in the country, who are highly experienced in different areas of medicine. 

These are cardiologists, ophthalmologists, gynecologists, surgeons, speech therapists, nutritionists, spirometry engineers and nurses. To obtain clear and precise test results about their patients the stuff use modern medical equipment and run a number of complex tests. 

The tests are done with all due precautions and anonymity of the

patient, during a short period of time (3-4 hours). The patient is accompanied by a special assistant and takes all the tests under one roof. Therefore the patient saves time and avoids unnecessary and un-comfortable visits to clinics. For the whole period of testing the patient

is offered breakfast, a parking space and equipped shower rooms.  

Try the Check-up in the Research Institute of the Ichilov Hospital while spending your holiday in Israel. 

                       The service package

                       includes the

                       following tests:

                                       1. A complete medical examination by a

                                       specialist: blood pressure test, rectal

                                       examination, height and weight


                                          2. Laboratory testing which includes general

                                       urinal test and complex blood test.

                                       - HS-CRP, an exclusive test of the Tel-Aviv Medical Centre is considered to be the best one in predicting heart and blood vessels conditions and help to prevent a possible heart attack. Based on the test result the specialist will give recommendations on improving your lifestyle and reducing the risk of the heart attack.
- PSA –early diagnostics of prostate cancer (for men over 40)
- Colorectal cancer blood test

- CBC of the white blood cells and red blood cells, sugar, BUN, Na,K, Cl, creatinin,  lithic acid, Ca, Phosphorus, albumins, GPT, GOT, TP, LDH, PHO,  conjugated bilirubin, total bilirubin, globulin, fat level – cholesterol, LDL, LDH, LDVL, triglyceride level.
3. Cardiac function test: EKG at rest and under load.
4. General eye-test: fundus, frontal part, vision, intraocular tree (for early diagnostics of glaucoma).
5. Spirometry.
6. Hearing screening.
7. Ribcage X-ray.
8. Unique tests for women.

- GYNECOLOGICAL EXAMINATION, including PAP SMEAR for early cervical cancer diagnostics.
- breast examination.

9. Medical assessment report (translated into Russian)


Apply for the Check-up:
Phone: 054-8140303, email: - Anonymity guaranteed. 


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