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Dolphin Reef

This piece of paradise has

become a favorite getaway for

Eilat residents and for the

crowds of people from all over

the world. A stunning sand

beach, isolated marina for

swimming and, what is more,

dolphins, swimming very close

to you in their natural habitat -

all this contributes to making the Dolphin Reef an unforgettable place. On the beach there is a family of peacocks, walking gracefully among the visitors and looking for treats. 

Every two hours you can watch the feeding of dolphins and a story about their underwater life. Each of them has their own background and country of origin, but after they have been brought to Eilat, they’ve been a very happy family.

By the way, the family of dolphins has grown recently – a baby dolphin was born, and immediately has become a cherished and admired member by all the staff and visitors. Everybody is invited to swim with the dolphins with a snorkel and a mask or scuba dive with them.

Self-service restaurant, shower and bathrooms on the beach. Sunshades and sea-beds are free of charge.

Entry: 17$ (adults), 12$ (children 3-15).

Open: daily 9am-4:30pm.

Located 2 km south of Eilat, in the direction of Egypt border

10% off coupons in the brochure "King Solomon Way" or from our operator 054-8140303 or at the purchase of a tour.



Diving is the recreation not only

for extreme sport lovers! In fact

diving is one of the safest

attractions and also one of the

most exciting ones!

Only underwater in gravity free

condition, you can enjoy a

breathtaking view of the

underwater world. You will

come close to different sea-creatures, explore the corals and shell fish. No doubt that the time spent around the sea life will become an unforgettable experience for the rest of your life. Whether you are young or old, can’t swim or are overweight – forget about that! Diving is destined for anyone, starting at the age of 10 and up. We have taught people of 75 years old and those whose weight is around 130 kg and those who can’t swim at all. None of these factors hindered people from enjoying diving. Our experienced divers will stay with you all the time spent underwater and will teach you several tricks that will turn your diving into mere pleasure.

There are several diving options you can choose from. For the first-timers we offer a trial dive. Before it the instructors will guide you through the basics, check how you understood everything and take the dive together with you. Instructions will take about 30 minutes, the same time as the dive itself. The preparation, transfer from the hotel and back, equipment check will take 3-4 hours. If you are eager to become a professional diver we can offer a 1 and 2 star course. It takes 5 days and 2 days accordingly. On the completion of the course you will receive an international diving certificate that will allow you to dive anywhere in the world. For those who would like to master their diving skills we have special courses in our diving clubs like, for example, deep-sea diving (40 metres), rescue diver, nitro, underwater photographer, etc. All these will help you to become a diving instructor and even get a new prestigious profession. If you are interested in the professional 1 and 2 star diving courses, see the special diving tour page.

Cost (including to and from transfer):

Trial dive: 60$

1 star: 400$ (5 days), 2 stars: 160$ (2 days)

All other diving courses need to be checked in advance.

Open: daily

Order a diving course: 054-8140303 or with the tour



yacht cruise

A 4-hour cruise around the Eilat

bay will turn into an adorning

time of your stay in Eilat. You

will see the panorama of Eilat,

with beautiful Edom mountain

ranges, observe the picturesque

Jordan mountains, visit the sea

border with Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Drinks and a light lunch will be served on board. All this will remind you of relaxing in paradise. Yacht Paradise!

Cruises are 2 times a day according to the season (check with our tour operator). Sail from Eilat Marina (near the bridge)

Cost: 4h cruise - 40$ (adult), 32$ (children).

10% off coupons in the brochure "King Solomon Way" or from our operator 054-8140303 or with the purchase of a tour.


Jules Vernes

glass bottom boat

Have you ever dreamt of

swimming inside a submarine,

and feeling like the king of the

sea? The cruise on a glass

bottom boat will definitely give

you this feel. Beautiful under-

water landscapes, colored fish,

sea-creatures, coral reefs, Japanese gardens and the blue abyss will go in front of your eyes. The cruises take 3 times a day according to the schedule. Please check with our operator about the schedule. Sailing from Eilat Marina, near the bridge.

Duration: 2 hours

Entry: 18$ (adult), 14$ (children).

10% off coupons in the brochure "King Solomon Way" or from our operator 054-8140303 or with the purchase of a tour.


Jeep trips

The amateurs of the fast rides

will find something to their

liking in Eilat. Desert Jeeps can

ride on any surface will give

you tons of adrenalin!

Open: daily, 

Driving license needed.

Ask our operators for

discounts and prices:




Tennis Club

renting tennis

courts and


If you are into tennis, then,

except anything else you will

have a chance to keep good fit,

while enjoying  your holiday.

Eilat Tennis Club will provide all possibilities for this graceful sport. If you need a playing partner, we will find one for you. You also can take several sessions from professional tennis players. Eilat is proud of its tennis professionals. Every year the town hosts prestigious tennis competitions on its ground: International Women’s Tennis Federation Cup. Eilat grounds have seen tennis stars like Agnezka Radvanski, Victoria Azarenko, Shahar Peer etc. In the end of 2012 Serena Williams visited Eilat.

Ask our operators for more information: 054-8140303

Coral World



Mizpe-tat Yami

​One of the most spectacular and

entertaining activities for all is

the Underwater Observatory.

Multiple sea-water aquariums

with thousands of fish, skids, turtles, sharks, underwater observatory located 6 meters deep, a 3-D cinema with mowing chairs. All this will give you an unbelievable time.

In Eilat marine park you will find a big aquarium holding 360 liters of water. This aquarium is the exact copy of the Red Sea bed. The visitors feel like going to the deep waters themselves. All this was reconstructed in minor details: water transparency, salinity, water temperature. In the park the visitors will observe feeding of fish and other sea-creatures. The guides will tell about different animals. You will also see how the big fish are fed by the staff diver in the big aquarium. While feeding, the diver can tell about the process to the people watching the aquarium from the other side using installed microphone and headphones. The cafés in the Observatory serves lunch and treats.

Open: daily 8am-4pm

Entry (movie included):

27$ (adult), 25$ (children, retired).

South of Eilat, in the direction of Egypt border.

10% off coupons in the brochure "King Solomon Way" or from our operator 054-8140303 or with the purchase of a tour.


Kings City

One unique place in Eilat is a

must-see! Kings City  is a whole

town of entertaining activities,

children science park,

underground caves, an exciting

tour on water boats around the

scenes from the Bible, ending in

a speedy fun ride down the

slope. On the park territory there

is an attraction park “Fantasy” where you can have a great time with your children.

Besides, depending on the season, Kings City offers special offers for visitors, like 3 days for the price of one or a ticket to the 3d Max cinema.

Check the “King Solomon Way” brochure for these offers. You will receive the brochure from our representative on your arrival.

Entry: 29$ (adult), 23$ (children 4-12),

Children 0-4 free entry.

Open: Sun 2pm-6pm , Mon-Sat 10am-6pm.

Located near the “Dan” and “Herods” hotels, north side.

10% off coupons in the brochure "King Solomon Way" or from our operator 054-8140303 or with the purchase of a tour.





​3D Max is a 3 dimension movie

theatre that shows beautiful

movies for adults and children.

Special offer: buy one ticket and

watch movies during three days.

Besides the 3D movies you can

enjoy an acrobatic show EVO,

an impressive performance with special effects and world-class artists.

Entry: 3 days of 3D MAX 21$. EVO performances - check with our ope-rator or by email. Location: opposite the main shopping mall and airport.

Open: Sun-Thu 11am- 12 am, Fri 11am – 4pm, Sat 7pm-12am.

10% off coupons in the brochure "King Solomon Way or from our operator 054-8140303 or with the purchase of a tour.




Eilat is a watersport paradise.

You can choose various

entertainments: banana rides,

boat rides, parachutes, water

skis and jet skis. All this will

give you the adrenalin you need.

Don’t forget to check with our

operator for special offers.

Various discounts, presented in

our brochure will help you save money and even get a bonus ride on any attraction.

Open daily until dark

Discounts and special offers:  054-8140303



Grill boat

If you are willing to spend the

whole day in the open sea, away

from tourists and noise, with a

delicious lunch on board, you

are highly recommended a grill

boat. It’s a round motor boat that

holds up to 10 people. It’s easily

controlled. In the middle of the

boat there is a table and a grill.

There you can cook a delicious lunch.

If you are not interested in eating, you can take a boat with professional massage. You can take a boat for one or two.  A bottle of wine or campaign will add to the romantic atmosphere on the boat.

Cost: grill-boat - 60$ per hour  (up to 10 passengers)

1-hour cruise for a couple with a 30-min massage - 65$

Open: daily until dark

10% off coupons in the brochure "King Solomon Way" or from our operator 054-8140303 or with the purchase of a tour.




A jewellery shop, a branch shop

of Tel-Aviv Israel Diamond

Exchange. Here you can buy gold

or silver jewelry or adornments

made of Eilat stone. There is a

wide range or quality jewelry

with diamonds of various prices.

You will be offered a transfer to

the shop and on the way our

guide will show you around the town. In the shop you will see how the stone is developed with your own eyes, and all sorts of beautiful adornments that could be made of it.

Open: 7 days a week 10am – 7pm.

A present for every visitor!

20% off from our operator 054-8140303.

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