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Create Your Own Jorney!

Use all you fantasy, knowledge about Israel, your preferencies, and dreams,

and we will help you to make it real!

To create your own unique tour, you will need to fill out a simple questionnaire to your preferences and desires, and send it to us by email You can simply select the text form and copy it to a text editor to fill in and send by e-mail. mail. After processing the questionnaire we will find you the best combination of which you will be able to gain a suitable unique journey to the Holy Land!
* To reduce the cost of the tour, we recommend that you use our tips, you will see in the process of creating your trip.

1. Time Travel:

A. On what date do you plan to travel?

Tip: It is important to plan a trip not to be mistaken with the date of its release. After so many holidays in Israel, in which the price of accommodation and services grow at 2-3.

B. Write the allowable time frame of your journey, in which you would like to meet .

Tip: Remember, it's better to see something longer and leave the rest for another time than in a hurry to see a little bit of everything and nothing to remember.


2 . Accommodation:

A. Mark the cities and the places in which you would like to stay for the night.

Tip: When you select a city , consider the weather conditions on the chosen period. See Table of periods.

B. Write down how many days you would like to spend in each of these cities.

Hint: when you stop for 2-3 nights accommodation at favorable price .

C. Tell us what kind of accommodation you prefer: breakfast, half board, board.

Hint: Power in Israeli hotels sufficient quality. But if you want to try a variety of dishes at the restaurants on the street, the most suitable type of accommodation will only breakfast explosives.

D. What hotel would you like to live? Motel, economy, boutique, 4- star, luxury 5 - star. As well as the type of room: standard room, suite, suites, a presidential suite.

Tip: The holiday season is hard enough to find a room in a budget hotel, as every year the number of tourists to Israel increases. We encourage you as early as possible in order to make our company to book a cheap room.


3 . Transfer and Travel

Would you like to use the services of: private transfers - total transfers for groups - a rental car?

Tip: Rent a car in Israel is the most convenient way to travel, but it is associated with high costs, as well as a pledge of $ 1,000. The movement of the general transfer for groups will cost you much less.


4 . Excursions:

What exactly would you like to see in Israel?

Hint: make a number of trips and journeys in proportion to the number of days of your trip. And give a couple of days to rest. Then you return home tired, exhausted from the constant moving, and you really will best travel experience! Photo gallery and a list of attractions here in Israel.

Tip: To select tour - is a simple affair. But always remember that it is better to go in a group tour with professional guides to using the services of questionable items. Yes, and cheaper.


5 . About you

Write a little about yourself: your hobbies, interests, hobbies, especially expectations. This will help us to offer you a wider range of services that you will be able to diversify their beautiful journey.

Hint: only one caveat, such as, for example: "I ​​love extreme" will allow us to offer you a lot of razvlechey or excursions, which you did not guess that can affect the entire travel plan and will make it even more memorable!


Good luck! Looking forward to your sketches!


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