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Touristic Periods and Holidays in Israel 2015-16

This periods table will help you to decide what time to go to Israel and where to go. Remember, the prices for accommodation in hotels are various depend of touristic period in Israel and where a hotel is  situated. For example, in Eilat is warm all the time, the Red Sea doesn't change his temperature and beauty, that marks this resort as preferred from other.​

There are four touristic periods in Israel:

1 - Winter - the prices are low 20-50% from regular. This period comes on winter time and hotels are fullfilled less then usual. It is time to get low cost for accommodation but the weather can make changes for your plans. Many people come to Eilat this period where weather is well all time in year. Of course, it has a chance to surprise.

2 - Standard - regular price level, 60-80% hotels filled

3 - Middle - the prices are higher 20-50% more. This time Israel receives a lot international tourists.

4 - High - the prices are growing to 50-150% from regular. It is time for israeli people vacations.


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