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Calculating the Cost of Trip and Participation Requst

To participate on your choosen trip or to calculate the cost of tickets
send us e-mail with folowing information:

1. Trip name

2. Number of peple (couple, adults, children)

3. Prefered trip dates

4. Acomodation type: A (economy), B (extra) or C (luxury)

5. Your location - outgoing city

6. Addition information

Our staff will pick you a convenient tour and will offer the most lucrative catch folowing your preferences.

In addition, we will inform you about the possible presence of more lucrative offers for a given period of time.

How to pay:

* by nearet to you King Solomon Way office (mark your location in request form)

* by credit card VISA, Master Card, AMEX (when you decide to purhase some trip we send you a special credit card form)

* banking money transfer (acount details will be sent to you after filling an order form)

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