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Group Tours

As you can guess, Group Tours are much cheaper than Private Tours. You can save on transfer costs, accommodation, excursions and admission fees. The number of people in a group – 20 people minimum.

We recommend taking advantage of one of our offers on this page. If you can’t find a tour to your liking, you may want to try a more suitable option on the Trips Collection page. Please note that not all tours are for the groups, and the pricing is per person/family.

If you are willing to join a Christian Group Tour, please go to Christian Trips page.

You can invite people who are willing to join you as a group in an amazing recreation in Israel and save money! In this case you can choose any tour from our Trips Collection page and go on tour together. Minimal number of people can be  15.
One of our special offers is/ we highly recommend… a Diving Tour. Please, leave your email with the number of tourists, your preferences and expectations and we will calculate the cost of the tour for you.

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