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Israel Resorts And The Best Places To Visit In The Holy Land



​Why Israel?
Israel is the only state in the world where everything is mingled: religion and everyday life, ancient architecture and modern sky-scrapers, tranquil recreation in the mountains and agile urban environment.
 But the biggest feature of this place is that Israel is the land God has given to His chosen people – children of Israel. And long before the Israeli inhabited the land and turned it into a paradise on earth, God had promised to bless everyone who would bless Israel.

"I will bless those who bless you,

and whoever curses you I will curse;

and all peoples on earth

will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:3 

King Solomon Tours invites you to share the blessing for Israel even if you don’t practice any belief. Our tours include unique excursions that we have prepared specially for you. See Tour Collection page. Our guides will present a true picture of ancient biblical Israel and its role in the lives of many other nations. Something you definitely won’t regret! With us you will see the real Israel!


























Jerusalem has always been a magnet for many kings and rulers. Nowadays it is a place of pilgrimage for the representatives of many religions and denominations. King Solomon Way has prepared unique trips for tourist groups and individuals. There you will see the real Jerusalem: Panorama View of the city from the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane, Old City, Eastern (Wailing Wall), old buildings, streets, pavements, gates and Christian sacred places. During Christian tours you will visit the Prayer garden, the Tomb of King David, the Garden Tomb, Golgotha, you will have lunch in Christ Church messianic congregation and more. Your guide will tell you about the events of life and death of Jesus Christ which are described in the Bible. You will see for yourself that Jerusalem is a holy city, which has been fought for many times during its history. 

The modern Jerusalem is built on many hills, each has a name. The city is divided into two parts: Jewish and Muslim. In Shabbat the city becomes still, especially in the part, inhabited by Orthodox Jews. There you won’t be able to go by car, so you need to plan your tour accordingly. We have considered all this and planned our Jerusalem tour in the most convenient way for our clients.

Besides ancient sights there are a lot of modern places of interest in Jerusalem, like the Bible Zoo, the Museum of Science, Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial. You can book tickets in advance or find excursions where they are included. We wish you a great time and many wonderful impressions from Jerusalem. 



Tel-Aviv & Netanya




Eilat is a real pearl of the Holy Land. With its location in the deep bay of the Red Sea, surrounded by beautiful mountain range of Red Mountains and Jordan highland. It’s been a tourist magnet for many years. A number of world famous athletes, actors and politicians often come to Eilat to sun-bathe on its luxurious beaches, stay in splendid hotels and dive in crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea. And we know why! Eilat has 340 sunny days per year, the temperature even in winter doesn’t go lower than 15 degrees, and the water is clear and see-through the whole year. In summer the water is warmed up to 28 degrees and in winter – 24 degrees. The rain is scarce and some years we never have rain at all. 

On your arrival our guide will give you a brochure with the full description of your itinerary, city maps, and discount coupons to all major attractions. You won’t have to look for entertainment.All you need is to call our Eilat operator and he will provide any assistance you need. To learn more about our excursions and places of interest, please read the descriptions below or see our Attractions Page.

About Eilat. More than 50 000 people live here. 

The residential areas are situated on the mountain highland, while the Hotels are located all along the sea side. Eilat only has 12 kilometers of the coastline, however the hard-working Israeli have been able to turn it into real paradise for tourists. In Eilat there are more than 50 hotels that welcome hundreds of thousands of tourists all-year-round. Check our Trips Collection page where you will find any accommodation to your liking: cozy and budget-friendly motel rooms, luxurious suites in the most high-class hotels. If you buy a Group Tour you switch to a higher rank hotel. (see Group Tours).

As a matter of fact, most of Eilat residents are involved in providing quality and pleasant recreation for tourists who flood this place all year round. It’s worth noting that not all residents live in luxury in this beautiful place. Among them are single mothers who struggle to meet their essential needs and provide food for their children. Our company has been offering psychological and financial support for them, donating part of our income to social projects. Purchasing a tour from King Solomon Way you are giving a chance to single parents not to lose hope and move on. Nobody yet regretted an act of kindness.

What to do in Eilat? Besides Tax Free shopping, Eilat is the best place for swimming and sunbathing. You can simply take pleasure in swimming around amazing sea-creatures. You can spot multitudes of bright fish, mantas, octopuses, and even turtles. All along the coast line there are many coral reefs which house hundreds of thousands of sea-beings. Once or twice a year a big whale shark enters the Eilat bay. But there is no need to be afraid of it– it feeds only on plankton and is not interested in humans. While humans, mostly divers are very much interested in it! They are on guard and wait for it appearance, so they can swim by its side for several dozens of feet. As for the divers, there are many diving clubs, where you can take lessons and become a professional 1 or 2 star diver, or just give you an introductory course after which you will be able to scuba dive up to 6 meters deep. This is more than enough, because all the sea-life is just under your feet, starting at the depth of 1 meter. Our company will give you special offers for diving courses of different levels. If you are interested to take a course and obtain an international diving certificate during your rest, we can recommend a special diving tour on the “Diving Tours” page.

Eilat is also popular for its watersports and attractions like banana rides, paddle boat, tubing, motorboats, yacht sailing in the open sea, grill boat, diving. One of the most breathtaking attractions are the Underwater Observatory Marine Park, Dolphin Reef with real dolphins, swimming in the natural habitat, Kings City – a city of attractions and exciting fun activities for the whole family. WOW show, 3D IMAX movie theatre, and much more. See the “Attractions” page for more details.

Our company offers unique tours to Eilat and all over Israel. Please check our “Tour Collection”, choose the one you like and contact us. Please keep in mind that group tours cost less and individual tours give you total freedom!


























Timna is an ancient archeological park that impresses everybody with its copper red mountains of unusual shapes, rock mushrooms, and ancient drawings. But the most interesting thing in Timna are copper mines. Three thousand years ago the people living on this territory discovered copper reservoirs under the layers of sand and lime. By employing slaves they started exploring the mines and have become economically prosperous. However more powerful tribes came and conquered the rich land. The bloody fights were going on for many years. Egyptians had been owners for many years, as archeologists found. Even the wise king Solomon was there when the south was part of Judea. So resting on the shores of the Red Sea gives a chance to learn the history of Israel, following the way of King Solomon, who headed to Eilat through Timna. You can see a movie, telling the details of the story of Timna in a 3D movie. Along with than you will see the full size Tabernacle of Moses reproduced in Timna.  

From our guide you will learn a captivating story about the exodus of the Hebrew people out of Egypt and setting the first commandments and laws for people and priesthood. Timna Park is included into most programs. 

It might not be possible to see all of Israel in one visit. Israel has to offer thousands of spots to explore for any taste and interest.

Anyway, we have prepared two 15-days tours. They include most of the tourist spots. “Israel at your fingertips” and “The Secret of Solomon”. Besides on the Fantasy page you can create your own tour. We recommend it to anyone who likes to be in charge of the journey.

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